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We hope this gives you a good sense of who we are, how we were raised, and how we will raise your child. We would like to hear about the dreams that you have for your child and get to know you personally and learn more about you. Please contact 1-973-370-5072  or via email at so that you can learn more about us.

If you have any questions about the legal process, please feel free to contact our attorney Suzanne Nichols at 1-800-255-1415. She is well versed in the process and has placed many children throughout her career and can answer any questions you may have.

Please know that we will respect whatever decision you decide to make. We wish you peace and love.

Happy Birthday!

We celebrate our birthdays each year with our families and friends. Our mothers, Donna and Jeanette, continuously make our birthdays special. They will usually cook our favorite meals, and our dads, siblings, nieces and nephews will all be there to celebrate. This is the norm for everyone’s birthday throughout the year.

Over the past few years, our families have shared many birthday milestones. Nick’s brother Joe and Joe’s brother Corey celebrated their 40th birthdays. Nick’s nephews celebrated their 1st and 5th birthdays and Joe’s nephew, his 10th. In addition, this year we hosted a barbeque/birthday milestone for Joe’s grandfather’s 83rd birthday. Grandpa John is truly a wonderful and witty gentleman.

Best Friends

It was a great feeling when our circle of friends first came together. Our closest friends have been by our side since a very young age. Just like “Charlie’s Angels,” Nick has angels of his own. Alexandra, Shannon and Lisa have been a part of Nick’s life since they were five years old.

Joe’s best friend Melissa has been by his side since he was in the third grade. Melissa and Joe even remained friends as pen pals when Joe moved to Oklahoma. They are thankful to now live nearby so they can visit regularly. Joe’s other best friends include his cousins Nicole and Craig whom he grew up with and are close in age. Our circle of friends also include those that we have met in college and through work.


The day after Thanksgiving marks the Christmas and holiday season. We decorate our home and Christmas trees together with childhood ornaments handed down from our moms as well as ornaments we have collected from places we have traveled to over the years. Each year, we host an Ugly Sweater Party for our friends. We also host a pre-Christmas get together with both of our immediate families.

The traditional Christmas Eve dinner is spent with Joe’s family at grandpa’s house and Christmas day is spent alternating year after year.

One of our fondest memories together for Christmas day was when we, along with Nick’s siblings and their families, got together and wore the same elf pajamas to surprise Nick’s parents with a warm holiday welcome on Christmas morning. Imagine the laughter and surprise when 8 elves spilled into Nick’s parent’s house that morning. The children of the family are the light of the day. Seeing the excitement on their faces as they explain the gifts they get from Santa are priceless. While the “adults” are off in the other room catching up, eating appetizers, etc., we tend to be off with the kids playing games, helping them assemble their new toys, and playing Xbox Kinect.


We are Joe and Nick and we would like to start off by thanking you for considering us while making your adoption plan. We understand that this is an extremely important decision, and we are truly grateful to be given this opportunity. You are very brave and courageous. We’d like to take the time to tell you more about ourselves, which we hope will help ease your mind while making this decision.

We love children, are happily married, financially secure, and ready to become the world’s most devoted daddies together.

Global Advertising & Banking Executives Promise 1st Baby A Life Of Music, Love & Laughter.

Nick and Joe Hope To Adopt 1st Baby.

We are ready to become daddies through adoption! We have a valid home study. Expenses paid.
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Call Anytime: 1-973-370-5072

Our Engagement!

We talked about taking the next step to solidify our partnership. In September, while celebrating our 3-year dating anniversary, Joe proposed to Nick on a cruise. The wedding planning began soon after. We immediately shared the news with our parents and friends all of whom supported our relationship and commitment to each other from day one.

Our Promise

We know we will fill the heart of your child with love and compassion and treat him or her as our own. We are an affectionate couple who is hardworking, family oriented, loving, and will give your child a fulfilling life. We promise to bring him or her joy, laughter, awareness, teach them life skills, self-esteem, and give them an active and memorable childhood. We will open your child’s world to technology, music, sports, camping trips, and traveling. We can’t wait to teach your child how to do everything from tying their shoes to riding a bike. We intend to expose your child to many different opportunities. If we see that your child is interested or talented in something that we are not familiar with, we will do our very best to encourage and foster any pursuit that makes him or her happy and whole.

We will provide every educational opportunity to help him or her meet their fullest potential, mend a broken heart, and be there to witness their wedding day. We will instill a foundation in your child that encourages them to follow their dreams, be kind, compassionate, humble, and tolerant of other’s points- of-view. We promise to be involved parents until our last breath.

We love a great vacation and can't wait to bring your child to fun places all around the world! 

Nick introduced Joe to his first cruise to Bermuda. It was after this amazing trip with Joe’s family that vacationing became part of our yearly ritual. Since then, we’ve cruised to the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, St. Thomas and Jamaica. Other places we’ve traveled were: Disneyworld, Disneyland, Universal Studios in Florida and California, Aruba and Hawaii. While making memories to last a lifetime, we also enjoy our annual Memorial Day camping trip with Joe’s family and our annual beach getaway with Nick’s family.

These family values made us who we are today, and have given us a strong foundation to build our life on. We will provide these same values to your child.

Our Wedding

We kept with tradition, and one year later in November, we made it official! We were married in the presence of 100 of our closest family and friends. Nick’s cousin was ordained to officiate. After we said our vows of commitment, the outpouring of love and support given by our family and friends was truly the most magical feeling we’ve ever felt. We ate and danced the night away and soaked up every moment we could. It was a party for the record books!


Other holidays throughout the year are spent with both of our families, either sharing the day or alternating year to year. From Easter to Thanksgiving and Halloween to Christmas each one of them is special and unique. We have built many holiday traditions of our own and would love nothing more than to pass these traditions on to your child. If your family has traditions, we would love to learn them and be given the opportunity to pass these on as well.

Nick loves Halloween and the imagination it inspires to young children. Our house becomes decorated with ghouls, goblins, pumpkins and scarecrows! Our neighborhood is tight knit and safe, and consists of quaint cape cod style homes making it ideal for trick-or-treating. This year alone, we had over 50 trick or treaters! We can’t wait to celebrate this fun holiday with your child.

Thanksgiving is spent with family, alternating year after year. We spend the morning watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from the comfort of our living room. Depending on the year, our mother’s will prepare the traditional turkey Thanksgiving dinner with a touch of ethnic foods from their heritage. For Joe’s family, that means Italian ziti, ricotta stuffed mushrooms, and risotto. For Nick’s family, stuffed grape leaves are a staple. Whether spending the day with Nick or Joe’s family, it always consists of being surrounded with loved ones including cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, Joe’s grandfather, and extended family.

About Nick

Like Joe, Nick was raised in a very loving home with an older brother Joey and younger sister Jessica. Being the “middle” child of the family, Nick loved to be the center of attention. Throughout his childhood and in college, Nick was involved with music and musical theatre. He has a passion to sing. One of his biggest achievements was performing at Radio City Music Hall as a young adult. Nick’s parents, Donna and Joe Sr., built a family and foundation based on love, morals, trust and respect. This is evident by the love his parents share for one another, now for 44 years.

Growing up, quality family time was just as important for Nick’s family. They ate dinner together every night, attended Church each Sunday, as well as the celebration of holidays and family vacations. Nick grew up catholic and attended a catholic grammar school, catholic high school, and accredited university.

How We Met

We met online through a dating app, and clicked instantly. We quickly moved to phone calls and spent hours chatting about anything and everything. At that time, Nick was living near the New Jersey Shore which was over an hour away from where Joe was living in New Jersey. We met in person about a month later in New York City for dinner. We spent that night at a local eatery, followed by casually walking around, conversing, and getting to know each other. Conversation came easily and the time seemed to fly. We stayed out much later than expected, and Nick had a train to catch, but we could not seem to say goodbye.

Nick ended up getting the last train home that night, but it was well worth it. We wouldn’t let the distance keep us from spending as much time as possible. We have been inseparable ever since. We are true partners in every sense of the word, and complete each other so perfectly.

Who We Are

Both of us have dreamt about being dads our whole life, and devoting our lives to a child is the only missing piece to complete our family. We have a loving home with a playful French bulldog named Zoey and a solid support system of family and friends. Both sets of grandparents are eagerly awaiting a new baby, and Joe’s mom even finished crocheting a blanket in preparation. Your child will be spoiled with so much grandmotherly love. Our parents, siblings and Joe’s grandfather live nearby and are all excited at the prospect of becoming new grandparents, a great grandfather, and aunts and uncles. We also have young nieces and nephews and close friends with young children.

We are both professionals with stable jobs and goals. We have no doubt that we will be great providers. Nick works in risk management for a national bank and can work remotely most days giving him the flexibility to work from home. Joe works in advertising for an international ad agency. He works nearby and has the flexibility to work from home too. This flexible schedule will give us the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with your child and ensure a positive and structured upbringing.

About Joe

Joe, the baby of his family, was raised in a very loving household with two older brothers; Corey and Robby. He was raised catholic, and was brought up with morals and a solid foundation which helped him excel in school and life. He was involved in sports at a young age and excelled academically. Joe is caring, attentive, loving, nurturing, and was even voted most friendly in high school which is a hallmark of his personality today.

Joe’s parents Albert and Jeanette are hard working blue collar folks, and they instilled the same work ethic and “never give up” attitude in Joe. Family time was very important in Joe’s household. They ate dinner together every evening, and used that time to reconnect at the end of their sometimes-hectic days to catch up on things going on in their lives, crack some jokes, and offer words of advice.